Mom & Daughters

WELCOME TO OUR ONLINE STORE **The largest exclusive vincent d'amerique retailer in texas**

Let's start by answering the most common question people ask us...How do you pronounce our name? It's pronounced [ I-mer-Rah-key ] We are twin sisters with a passion for fashion. We decided to open up a men's & women's clothing store in a charming little town called Belton Texas.

At iMERAKi, we believe clothing should empower people to live their best lives in comfort while still being an expression of who they are. Our clothes are of the highest quality and yet completely functional & wearable in everyday life.


Meraki is a Greek word that means to put the best part of yourself in your work with passion & creativity. We fell in love with this word and made it our own by placing an extra "i" in front of the word meraki to symbolize twin sisters in business.